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A Quick Glance @ Tour Bikaner

Gajner Wildlife Sanactuary

The lake and forested hills of this reserve, 32 km from Bikaner on the Jaisalmer road, are inhabited by wildfowl, hares , wild boar, desert foxes and a number of deer and antelopes including black bucks and blue bulls. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, houses the former Hunting lodge of Bikaner and has a beautiful lake surrounded by a dense forest.The Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a number of wild animals and some of the resident species include wildfowls, deer, antelope, nilgai, chinkara, black buck, desert foxes and wild boars to name just a few.

Rampuria Havelies

Rampuria havelis are many in number and are big in size and being located at nearly adjacent positions make great impression almost like the great havelies of Jaisalmer, the Patwa havelies. Their appears an undeniable similarity between the two havelies perhaps because both of them were mainly conceived and built by Vishwakarma clan. The interior scheme of decoration of the two havelies is very different. The Patwa havelies were built earlier and emphasized on exterior decoration and minute carvings on jaisalmeri stone while the Rampuria havelies were built of dulmera stone. The jaisalmeri stone is yellow in colour.

LaxmiNath Ji Temple

The Laxmi Nath Temple is one of the most beautiful of the Bikaner temples and displays the fantastic artwork of the traditional artisans and sculptors. The Laxmi Nath Temple houses the divine statues of Lord Vishnu and his wife Laxmi. Thousands of people from all over Rajasthan come to this temple to worship at this pious temple of Bikaner. Besides its devotional value, the Laxmi Nath Temple is also important historically and is visited by the tourists to witness the grandeur of India.

The Kolayat Temple

A famous pilgrimage spot with a temple dedicated to Kapil Muni (saint) Kapil Muni sat in meditation near lake. Muni was propounder of Sankhya Philosophy The temple is the venue for an annual fair held in the month of Kartik (Oct-Nov) when the thousands of devotees gather in a large number to take a sacred dip in the holy waters of the Kolayat lake( Kapil Sarovar) on the full moon day. Lake is considered to have the effect of washing off the sins of devotees. A cattle fair ,especially for the trading of camels is a part of he festivities.The town is connected to Bikaner by road as well as rail.

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